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Mexico pt. II

Okay so I believe we are still officially on for Mexico.

Now comes the extensive planning to make it not so risky/reckless. I’ll chronicle how we navigate this.

My dad insinuated that a lot of my actions (this blog, even, since I talk about eating out, of which they don’t approve) are in direct rebellion to their protectiveness over my allergies. Whoooo, well I certainly hope not! I like to think that my actions are my own, thank ya very much. But it’s an interesting question. I have definitely been more of the impulsive risk-taker than my brother… would I be any different if I didn’t have allergies? Is everything I’ve been doing just to prove that allergies can’t stop me?

And if that’s true, so what? I mean do I want to live my life in a bubble, not doing not only what I want to do, but what I really believe I CAN do, and safely? I don’t want to go to Cabo because everyone else goes to Cabo, I want to because… well, I want to, and I think that I can.

Isn’t the point to try and do what I believe I can do?

Anyway, there’s a bunch of stuff we need to do beforehand: Speak with an actual doctor at the American hospital down there, call the Walmart, and speak to more of the hotel staff, specifically those in the restaurants and at the bar.

If worse comes to worse I’ll drink some boiled water and eat whatever I brought on the plane. 😉


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Parents picket girl with peanut allergy, ask her to withdraw from school – American Morning – Blogs

Parents picket girl with peanut allergy, ask her to withdraw from school – American Morning – Blogs.

Oh jeez. Of course they are picketing her, how dare their kids be forced to wash their hands and mouths?

This is a tough one for me. This girl has a right to be able to go to school and learn like everyone else. Her disability does not affect the classroom nearly enough as some disruptive kids with social-related disorders would, but the kids being “forced” or “punished” with washing their hands is just tooooo much.

As a side note, according to school data, the number of kids out sick has definitely declined since this was instituted.

What if this kid was one of these parents’ daughters? They’d have the pleasure of watching their daughter break out in hives, slowly becoming unable to speak, swallow, or even breathe due to the peanut-confronted histamines going crazy inside her.

But unless you really know what serious food allergies can do to a person, it’s easy to assume that this girl’s parents are over-protective and over-reacting.

On the other hand, if your allergies are really that serious, it’s going to be very hard to eliminate all allergy concerns, even with the mandatory hand-washing and mouth-rinsing.

The other sad thing here is this: Growing up as a kid with severe allergies, ALL you want to do is fit in. Having to be restricted, isolated, monitored constantly will make you feel like you will never be the same as other kids. This girl probably isn’t home schooled because her parents wanted to let her play and interact with other children, despite her serious allergies.

But she eats her lunch alone. And the fact that kids and parents are in an uproar about the hand-washing rule, well… she’s probably not the most popular girl in her grade. In fact, I’m fairly sure she gets picked on every day, who knows how badly. If I had a daughter like that, I really don’t know if I’d be able to subject her to such daily torment, even if I wanted her to have the school experience that most other kids have.

Here’s more in-depth stuff on this story:


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We went to Takashi for my birthday tonight. Very good! The chef and waitstaff were great with the allergies– actually none of the things I ordered had to be modified in the slightest. It was a nice vibe. Good decor, soft ambient techno jazz oriental streamlined feel and although the tables were close together, that wasn’t necessary a bad thing.

We started with the ceviche, oysters and beef tartare plates, and some ginger lime and honey pomegranate martinis. The ceviche was delicious. I loved the combination of seafood they use, big hunks of squid and shrimp and octopus and slices of scallop. The flavor on the dressing was good, similar to what was on the oysters – julienned vegetables in a citrus vinaigrette. The chef enjoyed the beef tartare with the quail egg on top.

We both ate pretty fast. I don’t know if it’s because we were hungry or because the food was so delicious. I had roasted duck and confit of leg with some similarly citrus-tanged beets, and chef dived into some pheasant with chestnut and mushroom risotto.The portions aren’t that big, but you can always ask for more bread. It’s all tasty.

The proximity of the tables actually led to me overhearing a dude at the table next to us talk about being allergic to tree nuts. For some reason I felt compelled to flash him my epi-pen in benadryl – a moment of empathy and common understanding!

In truth, I went to ER last week. Takashi is a restaurant that naturally has a lot of dairy, egg and nut free dishes, but last week I was honestly just really silly – I went to a bar and grill I’d been to before and did not ask what the pineapple I wanted on top of my burger (ordered with no bun) was grilled in.

I ended up in the ER 30 minutes later.

I’m still pissed about that experience, but I guess any experience you learn from is worth something.  Ambulance rides are expensive though. And sucky. It felt good to eat somewhere that had dishes that were totally fine for me to begin with.

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