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School Epinephrine Bill Pass US Senate

Haven’t baked much – too busy mostly. I did try my hand at some chocolate stout brownies, but they didn’t come out exactly right. Just a little dry. It was also my first time baking anything with flax, so I may have to adjust cooking time when I do that in the future.

Thought I’d post about some good news instead. The School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act  was passed by the Senate last week! It basically rewards states that require schools to maintain a supply of epinephrine. Oh, and it was a bipartisan effort sponsored by Illinois’ very own Senators Kirk and Durbin.

Source: “Senators Kirk, Durbin Bill to Protect School Children with Allergies Passes United States Senate” – eNews Park Forest



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Bully Article

Felt like breaking up the stream of recipe posts with a link to this sad article from the NYT on food allergies and bullying. I do have a “news” category, after all.

I’d love to be able to say definitively that the adversity I faced growing up with allergies has made me stronger and more resilient, but who knows.


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Managing the Anxiety Often Associated With Food Allergies

Divvies, a purveyor of dairy free, egg free, peanut free, tree nut free gourmet food snacks, just sent me this via their e-mail list. Lori Sandler, mother and founder of Divvies, is hosting a 5-part series of interactive, text-based talks about navigating food allergies, on First up is an issue that I am, um, more than somewhat partial to.

Managing the Anxiety Often Associated With Food Allergies.

The talk is tomorrow at 1pm. From

We’re kicking off the Navigating Food Allergies series with a solutions-oriented class on handling the anxiety and feelings of isolation that can come with managing food allergies.  Dr. Jules Spotts will join Lori Sandler and a fantastic group of bloggers hosting this class.  Join us to talk about how it’s going for you and to learn and share ways to make sure that allergies don’t define your kids or your family.

Considering all that’s gone on in the past few days surrounding my trip to Mexico and my parents’ vehement opposition, I am definitely registering for this.

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Parents picket girl with peanut allergy, ask her to withdraw from school – American Morning – Blogs

Parents picket girl with peanut allergy, ask her to withdraw from school – American Morning – Blogs.

Oh jeez. Of course they are picketing her, how dare their kids be forced to wash their hands and mouths?

This is a tough one for me. This girl has a right to be able to go to school and learn like everyone else. Her disability does not affect the classroom nearly enough as some disruptive kids with social-related disorders would, but the kids being “forced” or “punished” with washing their hands is just tooooo much.

As a side note, according to school data, the number of kids out sick has definitely declined since this was instituted.

What if this kid was one of these parents’ daughters? They’d have the pleasure of watching their daughter break out in hives, slowly becoming unable to speak, swallow, or even breathe due to the peanut-confronted histamines going crazy inside her.

But unless you really know what serious food allergies can do to a person, it’s easy to assume that this girl’s parents are over-protective and over-reacting.

On the other hand, if your allergies are really that serious, it’s going to be very hard to eliminate all allergy concerns, even with the mandatory hand-washing and mouth-rinsing.

The other sad thing here is this: Growing up as a kid with severe allergies, ALL you want to do is fit in. Having to be restricted, isolated, monitored constantly will make you feel like you will never be the same as other kids. This girl probably isn’t home schooled because her parents wanted to let her play and interact with other children, despite her serious allergies.

But she eats her lunch alone. And the fact that kids and parents are in an uproar about the hand-washing rule, well… she’s probably not the most popular girl in her grade. In fact, I’m fairly sure she gets picked on every day, who knows how badly. If I had a daughter like that, I really don’t know if I’d be able to subject her to such daily torment, even if I wanted her to have the school experience that most other kids have.

Here’s more in-depth stuff on this story:


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Restaurant sued over food allergy death –

Restaurant sued over food allergy death –

The real tragedy here is that this child couldn’t get a shot of epinephrine. How could she have anaphylaxis and not have an epi-pen in her school health plan?? I swear the nurses at my schools had like 5 epi-pens for me.

Ironically, I have a post I’m about to finish writing about how much I love Asian food. What I mean is that I love all Asian food except Chinese.

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