My friend ALDI

Hey man, sometimes you need a month or 4 off. I was pretty busy with my old job and then a new job, so I haven’t been doing a lot of baking. Just some…

cake balls


very hard to do with only two hands

very hard to do with only two hands

lemon IPA bars (baking with beer yes)

baking with beer baking with beer

baking with beer baking with beer

banana bread (your basic, your standard), and croissants.

I like a challenge!

I like a challenge!

Shopping though, I have done that. Specifically at ALDI. It’s like a chill friend of mine – reliable, cheap date, but full of surprises. I kinda consider myself an ALDI pro now and spread the gospel whenever I can  – which is what I’m doing with this post.

Just as a note, I’ll admit I wrote everything above like 2 months ago (I took an even further hiatus because my computer was too old to cooperate with WordPress). Since then, I’ve become a little more sensitive to what I feel is a very high sodium content for their prepared foods. But their produce is a steal and they do carry some brand names from time to time. And, perhaps most importantly, they cater to dietary restrictions (on the cheap). I mean look at these cookies! They’re pretty much a replica of Enjoy Life’s soft-baked cookies. I can’t tell you how much they are, but it’s probably a good deal.



I DO know the price of the their soymilk. I go through a gallon of it a week, and on average, a half gallon will run you about 3.99 to $4.29 (according to Google search). But organic soymilk at ALDI is $2.29!

Oh. Oh. Another good item? This Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Granola.

$2.89! Woo.

This stuff is deliiiiicious.

It’s $4.39 for an 11.5oz box on the Nature’s Path website. What is it at Aldi? $2.89. Amazing!

Something I used to get at ALDI all the time was their coffee. Check this out:

"Donut Store Blend."

“Donut Store Blend.”

No joke though, it tastes exactly like Dunkin Donuts coffee, a pound bag of which costs $8.99. This stuff was………..$3.99!! MIND BLOWING. Except that I don’t think they carry this blend any more, I haven’t seen it in a while.

And just going through the receipts I saved for this blog post (meaning they’ve been on my desk since the summer), there’s some other unbelievable deals. Like a half-pint of blueberries for $1.29, a 20oz box of raisin bran for $1.79, a can of black beans for 60 cents, and so on. When I was shopping there regularly, I was spending between $50-$60 on a couple weeks worth of groceries, saving at $30 compared to if I had bought all of the same items at Mariano’s. I probably could’ve been spending even less, but those deals are so tempting that I left with stuffed cart every time.



Like I said above, some of their processed food is full of sodium. I wouldn’t recommend the soups, or even the bread. But produce, special-diet items, pantry items (A1 KNOCKOFF STEAK SAUCE FOR A DOLLAR), non-food essentials like paper towels and household cleaners, even fish oil capsules (!), you absolutely cannot beat the price. And that’s why I’m glad I discovered my new friend ALDI.


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