New ‘Hood, New Kitchen, New Post!

Hi folks, I’m back from my annual 3-4 month Blogger MIA period. I’ve definitely been making foodstuffs since my last post-

I’ve just felt that none of it was particularly noteworthy… plus coming home to a chilly apartment every night was not conducive to baking and blogging, more sitting on my couch, binging on soynut butter and Archer episodes on Netflix. But all that is about to change, because Tibs and I have MOVED! Woo!

I mean don’t get me wrong, my last apartment was habitable, but not really insulated, and not even that inviting. Plus there was that whole weirdness with the kitchen, which I mentioned in my first baking post in that apartment. I will explain in photo below.

Old kitchen

Old kitchen

New kitchen!

New kitchen! Sink in logical area! (fridge off to the left)


It is going to be so much easier to cook and bake with this layout, I’m so psyched. Actually I already did utilize the kitchen once, to make soup. How awesome to just be able to dump the dishes in the sink right there instead of carry them around the corner. The fact that the dishwasher isn’t directly under the sink is also nice. AND there’s a garbage disposal. And, granite, espresso cabinets, etc…

Additionally, since I’m not returning from work to straight burrow myself under 5 blankets, I plan on blogging more in general. In particular, I went to Aldi for the first time this weekend and it’s the new truth for me, so expect a post on that wonderful place. Anyway, see that beer on the counter? That’s in honor of my new kitchen and lots more Anaphylactic Gourmet updates. Cheers!


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