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Fall To-Do List

This may become an annual thing – fall is THE season for baking, but I’ve been so busy, I can only list out the things that I will bake and subsequently blog about. So, like last year, I have to make a post about projects on the horizon.

Pornbread – Of course. This is such a great, easy recipe. I just have to find some good jam to go with it.

Pumpkin cranberry cookies – I make these somewhat annually too. I discovered the recipe off of VegWeb when I was in college and needed to make cookies for a bake sale. Sub dried cranberries for raisins, and you got your perfect fall cookie.

Apple cider donut cookies – More fall-y flavors. I’ve never tried this recipe before, but it looks awesome.


Utilize this almost full, but entirely flat bottle of Pipeworks’ Orange Truffle Abduction in something – Undrinkable 😦 But not useless! It would definitely be good in muffins, or maybe even scones… But I don’t know if the beer you bake with has to be carbonated. I could also use it as a sauce for pork chops, I guess.


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