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Steak ‘n Eggs

As far as making things for other people goes, I’ve always been much more of a baker than a cook… this is also perhaps because I dated a chef for the last 3 years and let him handle that realm.

Since that ended, though, I’ve been meaning to try my hand at cooking things that would typical of something you would make for other people, even if they aren’t things I eat on a regular basis, say, steak. Never tried cooking a big piece of cow by myself before, and I’ve always had this sense that properly cooking a steak was some sort of life skill.

So, when this Groupon for Paulina Meat Market appeared in my inbox, I figure the opportunity had presented itself. I went with a friend last weekend, and picked up a decent-sized New York strip and a flat iron.

I broiled the strip, and that was pretty fun because I’ve never used the broiler function in an oven before. The first time I took it out, it was underdone, so I put it back in – probably for just a bit too long, since it ended up a little too medium for my liking. But, as it was my first time broiling anything, I was pleased with the result anyway.


YEAH giant-ass food porn.

And yeah I instagrammed that shit all over my social media, I was so proud of myself. That sautee to the side was fantastic too – just garlic sauteed kale with mushrooms and onions, finished with balsamic vinegar. I’ll be making that again soon.

The flat top wasn’t as thick, so I cooked it on my grill pan. That came out perfectly, since I was able to employ the pokey method of testing for doneness… it’s supposed to feel like the area between your thumb and your forefinger or something? Cilantro lime brown rice with yellow pepper and black beans was my side for that, and I had some fancy leftovers for lunch all week. 🙂


So, hurrah, steak. I can now make steak for people. What’s weird is that I sometimes get the inclination to learn how to make things that I’m allergic to, like eggs. I don’t know why. That seems ludicrous. I hope to have kids without allergies – that’s the dream, so maybe I’m thinking I would cook eggs for them? But I’ve heard they’re really easy to make, so that’s something I’ll leave for my future husband to make.


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Cornmeal Lime Shortbread Cookies

I’ve been baking more often than I’ve been posting, but like I mentioned earlier, I prefer to only post the recipes of things I’m happy with.

I made these bacon-soynut butter cookies, which were just a bit too greasy and had an odd texture… there was no flour in the recipe, just sugar, bacon and soynut butter, pretty much.


Decidedly not vegan.

Then I made some potato onion poppy seed loaves. And supposedly those were pretty good, and the batter was good but I never actually got to taste the finished product so no, I cannot endorse it yet!20130819-195846.jpg

But anyway, since I can’t ever make normal things and I have a big ol’ box of cornmeal in the pantry, I looked up “cornmeal cookies” and found this cornmeal lime shortbread cookie recipe, from Vegan Mother Hubbard. Small alterations of mine included mixing by hand as opposed to a mixer, and using margarine as opposed to earth balance.

I think mine were about 2.5 inches in diameter, and that made 22 cookies.

Pleased to announce that this recipe’s a keeper. The cornmeal gives it an interesting flavor, and goes well with the lime, but there’s enough fat in there so that the texture isn’t overwhelmingly grainy. Good stuff.



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