Things I will write about

I haven’t posted since the end of August because the semester started and that means if I write a blog post I will feel guilty that I’m not doing homework or workwork. So, yes, I feel guilty right now. BUT here’s the things I plan to write about when I get some spare time:

-Pickles and Preservation in general- We made our own pickles (by “we,” I mean Chef) but we haven’t really been eating them. He keeps talking about how he wants to make jam but that hasn’t happened either.
-Fall=baking things that make the house smell nice.
-Thanksgiving yum.
-Possible holiday treats to make for classmates/work
-Travis Schaffner is kinda my idol right now. In fact I want to make this first post I will get around to because I think he is that cool.

But it is midterm weeks… at UIC SPH, the midterm kind of extends over the period between mid-October to early November. So that plus work makes me very busy right now. I hope to have a new, worthwhile post up around Thanksgiving.



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