Viva Mexico!

And we’re back! Unhappily. We had a wonderful little tropical vacation in Cabo San Lucas the past few days. Despite leaving on the day after Osama got kill’t, nothing ever went wrong on the planes. And the closest thing I had to an allergic reaction was acid reflux.

Our hotel, Villa Del Arco was cheesy, but nice. Probably the best thing about it was that it was in a compound with two other hotels in the Villa group, one with a mercadito where we could buy groceries, alcohol and souvenirs. They had SILK SOYMILK which meant I wouldn’t have to eat dry cereal with black coffee for breakfast. We also bought some sandwich and drinky stuff there, so it was very useful to us. You could trolley over to the other hotels any time. For breakfast, there was a buffet where I could eat the aforementioned cereal (Kellogg’s, in a box with Spanish ingredients) and fruit. For lunch I could make myself a sandwich or have some chips and guac from the FAKE BOAT IN THE POOL. For dinner, I could again make myself a sandwich, or there was El Faro, the sushi and oyster bar which was also in the All-Inclusive package. Once, I thought it would be a good idea to check out dinner at one of the included theme nights (BBQ) at the neighbor hotel. In reality, had I been by myself I  wouldn’t have eaten anything but dry salad and fruit, but the chef was able to talk with the staff and the chef (all in easy, conversational Spanish), and get them to cook me a plain burger.

I was extremely grateful (UPDATE: 2 years later, still am, despite everything) for being there with me. Even if I didn’t have allergies, when a majority of the people you are around speak Spanish, it’s nice not just to know the language, but to be able to speak it smoothly and conversationally. It put the staff at ease, even when most of them knew English. I was practicing some myself: Muy serioso. Allergico MUERTE de leche, de queso y mantequilla y crema, huevos, cacahuates…

Anyway, here are some pictures!


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