Managing the Anxiety Often Associated With Food Allergies

Divvies, a purveyor of dairy free, egg free, peanut free, tree nut free gourmet food snacks, just sent me this via their e-mail list. Lori Sandler, mother and founder of Divvies, is hosting a 5-part series of interactive, text-based talks about navigating food allergies, on First up is an issue that I am, um, more than somewhat partial to.

Managing the Anxiety Often Associated With Food Allergies.

The talk is tomorrow at 1pm. From

We’re kicking off the Navigating Food Allergies series with a solutions-oriented class on handling the anxiety and feelings of isolation that can come with managing food allergies.  Dr. Jules Spotts will join Lori Sandler and a fantastic group of bloggers hosting this class.  Join us to talk about how it’s going for you and to learn and share ways to make sure that allergies don’t define your kids or your family.

Considering all that’s gone on in the past few days surrounding my trip to Mexico and my parents’ vehement opposition, I am definitely registering for this.


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