Mexico pt. II

Okay so I believe we are still officially on for Mexico.

Now comes the extensive planning to make it not so risky/reckless. I’ll chronicle how we navigate this.

My dad insinuated that a lot of my actions (this blog, even, since I talk about eating out, of which they don’t approve) are in direct rebellion to their protectiveness over my allergies. Whoooo, well I certainly hope not! I like to think that my actions are my own, thank ya very much. But it’s an interesting question. I have definitely been more of the impulsive risk-taker than my brother… would I be any different if I didn’t have allergies? Is everything I’ve been doing just to prove that allergies can’t stop me?

And if that’s true, so what? I mean do I want to live my life in a bubble, not doing not only what I want to do, but what I really believe I CAN do, and safely? I don’t want to go to Cabo because everyone else goes to Cabo, I want to because… well, I want to, and I think that I can.

Isn’t the point to try and do what I believe I can do?

Anyway, there’s a bunch of stuff we need to do beforehand: Speak with an actual doctor at the American hospital down there, call the Walmart, and speak to more of the hotel staff, specifically those in the restaurants and at the bar.

If worse comes to worse I’ll drink some boiled water and eat whatever I brought on the plane. 😉


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  1. ben

    Look, everyone rebels. It’s a necessary step in order to take agency over your life. It doesn’t mean that you’re being irresponsible or risky, it just means that you’re defying others’ expectations of you.

    That said, be as safe as you possibly can.

    Want to talk on the phone tomorrow (Sunday)?

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