Mexico and Bananas

I’ve had various planned trips out of the country that never ended up happening, partially due to money, but more so due to my parents insistence that I will EAT CHEESE AND DIE if I should ever vacation outside the U.S. and that FOREIGN HOSPITALS DON’T UNDERSTAND ALLERGIES and I WILL DIE.

We planned a trip to Cabo several days ago. We booked the trip, it’s all paid for. I didn’t want to tell my parents in order to avoid the reaction above, but after I told Jeremy and his mom that I didn’t feel like telling them about the trip, I started feeling guilty.

So I called my mom. She was okay with it!

Oh no, wait. 2 hours later she left a frantic message on my voicemail – basically another iteration of the proclamation of doom above, along with a huge guilt trip about how I’m hurting HER feelings by doing something so risky.

Jeez mom, can I live my own life?

I haven’t talked to her yet, but I will tomorrow. We’ll see how this goes. I want to go to Mexico. Because that’s what I wanted to do in the first place and I won’t have my parents guilt-tripping me into living my life other than how I want to live it. Jeremy is looking at Florida hotels right now, and that is upsetting to me because it feels like I’m accepting defeat in the battle of HOW BEX SHOULD BE ABLE TO LIVE AS AN ADULT.

In other news, I made banana bread and banana pancakes. Both recipes were stolen from (my baking go-to) and can be found here:


Banana Bread

For the pancakes, I cooked up some bacon and coated the bananas in a batter of soynut butter, soy milk, rum, brown sugar and a little cornmeal. Then I fried the bananas in the bacon fat, with a little oil added, then combined that whole mess with the pancake batter. Yummmm.


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