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Managing the Anxiety Often Associated With Food Allergies

Divvies, a purveyor of dairy free, egg free, peanut free, tree nut free gourmet food snacks, just sent me this via their e-mail list. Lori Sandler, mother and founder of Divvies, is hosting a 5-part series of interactive, text-based talks about navigating food allergies, on First up is an issue that I am, um, more than somewhat partial to.

Managing the Anxiety Often Associated With Food Allergies.

The talk is tomorrow at 1pm. From

We’re kicking off the Navigating Food Allergies series with a solutions-oriented class on handling the anxiety and feelings of isolation that can come with managing food allergies.  Dr. Jules Spotts will join Lori Sandler and a fantastic group of bloggers hosting this class.  Join us to talk about how it’s going for you and to learn and share ways to make sure that allergies don’t define your kids or your family.

Considering all that’s gone on in the past few days surrounding my trip to Mexico and my parents’ vehement opposition, I am definitely registering for this.


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Mexico pt. II

Okay so I believe we are still officially on for Mexico.

Now comes the extensive planning to make it not so risky/reckless. I’ll chronicle how we navigate this.

My dad insinuated that a lot of my actions (this blog, even, since I talk about eating out, of which they don’t approve) are in direct rebellion to their protectiveness over my allergies. Whoooo, well I certainly hope not! I like to think that my actions are my own, thank ya very much. But it’s an interesting question. I have definitely been more of the impulsive risk-taker than my brother… would I be any different if I didn’t have allergies? Is everything I’ve been doing just to prove that allergies can’t stop me?

And if that’s true, so what? I mean do I want to live my life in a bubble, not doing not only what I want to do, but what I really believe I CAN do, and safely? I don’t want to go to Cabo because everyone else goes to Cabo, I want to because… well, I want to, and I think that I can.

Isn’t the point to try and do what I believe I can do?

Anyway, there’s a bunch of stuff we need to do beforehand: Speak with an actual doctor at the American hospital down there, call the Walmart, and speak to more of the hotel staff, specifically those in the restaurants and at the bar.

If worse comes to worse I’ll drink some boiled water and eat whatever I brought on the plane. 😉

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Mexico and Bananas

I’ve had various planned trips out of the country that never ended up happening, partially due to money, but more so due to my parents insistence that I will EAT CHEESE AND DIE if I should ever vacation outside the U.S. and that FOREIGN HOSPITALS DON’T UNDERSTAND ALLERGIES and I WILL DIE.

We planned a trip to Cabo several days ago. We booked the trip, it’s all paid for. I didn’t want to tell my parents in order to avoid the reaction above, but after I told Jeremy and his mom that I didn’t feel like telling them about the trip, I started feeling guilty.

So I called my mom. She was okay with it!

Oh no, wait. 2 hours later she left a frantic message on my voicemail – basically another iteration of the proclamation of doom above, along with a huge guilt trip about how I’m hurting HER feelings by doing something so risky.

Jeez mom, can I live my own life?

I haven’t talked to her yet, but I will tomorrow. We’ll see how this goes. I want to go to Mexico. Because that’s what I wanted to do in the first place and I won’t have my parents guilt-tripping me into living my life other than how I want to live it. Jeremy is looking at Florida hotels right now, and that is upsetting to me because it feels like I’m accepting defeat in the battle of HOW BEX SHOULD BE ABLE TO LIVE AS AN ADULT.

In other news, I made banana bread and banana pancakes. Both recipes were stolen from (my baking go-to) and can be found here:


Banana Bread

For the pancakes, I cooked up some bacon and coated the bananas in a batter of soynut butter, soy milk, rum, brown sugar and a little cornmeal. Then I fried the bananas in the bacon fat, with a little oil added, then combined that whole mess with the pancake batter. Yummmm.

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