Flying Saucer

Occasionally, Jeremy wakes up craving pancakes. When that happens, we usually go off to Earwax Cafe for their vegan and non-vegan breakfast items. Earwax recently closed though, for a brief period, and we haven’t been back since it’s re-opened with a new chef and new menu with half the breakfast items.

For a change, we decided to hit up Flying Saucer (Inc?), a casual breakfast spot in Humboldt. Jeremy was very excited because the place has a lot more options with meat than Earwax does. I was excited to try some different vegan pancakes.

Neither of us ended up getting the pancakes. Jeremy jumped on the breakfast burrito and I went for this kale, tofu and sweet potato hash with toast. The hash came out more like a sautee, but whatever, it was good. Flavored very well, not to salty or sweet. The home fries were excellent too. Jeremy said his burrito was good and so were his spiced apples (breakfast side choices are home fries, the apples or an unassuming bowl of mixed greens).

I enjoyed the decor too, exposed duct-work and brick, with a few paintings scattered around. BUT, by far the best part of the meal were the vegan brownies we purchased from the counter. These things are devoid of dairy, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts and GARGANTUAN hunks of deliciousness. Seriously, they are like half a pound. Too much, maybe? I don’t know, I couldn’t stop eating mine. So good.

All in all, this may become our new favorite breakfast place. At the very least, we need to go back and try the pancakes. 😉


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